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Blendfresh Whole Food Powders

Real Easy.

Real Nutrition.

The Plant-Based Revolution LIVES HERE

Fuel Life Naturally with Blendfresh Whole Food Powders

We are not an obscure scientific formulation. We are not a pill or capsule. We are not a passing fad, a transient trend, or a newly-discovered secret. We are nothing added that wasn’t there already, and nothing taken away that can fuel an abundant life.

We are real – real fruits, real vegetables, real grains, seeds, sprouts and legumes. We are grown in soil and fed by the sun. We are nutrient-dense, whole foods in powder form. We are a real solution for everyday lifestyle needs and challenges. We are easy to use, easy to consume, and easy to share. We are friends of the planet, and allies of the earth. We are leading a nutritional revival. We are BLENDFRESH.

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Real People.  Real Stories. Real Results.

My goal is to deadlift 500 pounds so I need fast recovery time to continue to build muscle. Since I’ve added two Blendfresh drinks a day into my routine I have experienced improved recovery time. It used to take me up to four days to recover, now I can recover in as little as two days and begin to lift again.

Ben, Weight Lifter

In 90 days with Blendfresh I lost 23 pounds reduced my cholesterol 47%,  LDL 44% and triglycerides by 83%! At the same time my HDL improved  3%. Thank you Blendfresh for helping me be a healthier mom!

Tiffany, Healthy Mom of 3

When I started Blendfresh I weighed 262 pounds. Blendfresh products helped me feel better as I lost weight which inspired me to start working out daily. As a result, I lost 44 pounds, 20% of my body fat, and 15 inches off my waistline in 90 days!

Gary, Healthy Dad

Once I started Blendfresh, I  felt a dramatic change in my clothes, skin, nails and energy. I incorporate Blendfresh in every meal! Zumba and Blendfresh together is the best combination because it changed my eating habits and it changed my life.

Marla, Zumba Instructor

I use Blendfresh everyday and have for the past year and I just feel fit and healthy. My daily Blendfresh shakes help me maintain a steady exercise routine, lose weight and keep it off. The fiber helps improve my digestion and helps regulate my weight. My friends always compliment me on my skin! I tell them, it’s my Blendfresh! An easy way to get 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables every day, so I can keep up with my four kids!

Kara, Fitness-Loving Mom
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